TOP ACCORD: consists of bright citrus notes and Bergamot blended with exotic floral tones of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Narcissus and Orange Blossom.

MIDDLE ACCORD: arouses the senses with warm Amber, Violet and Mimosa mixed with the delicate spice of Clove to produce a modern and sultry effervescence.

BASE NOTE: is a blend of luscious oriental notes mixed with the sensuality of Musk, Moss, and a sprinkling of delicate woods to create a scent that describes the successful, exuberance and power that is the essence of today’s modern woman.

L’air D’or parfum contains 23 Karat gold leaf floating in pure luxury. L’air D’or is the most opulent of gifts, to give or receive.

This is the cornerstone scent of the Lairdor line. The ultimate presentation of that personal sense of oneness. I have achieved, I have overcome, I have won the crown. This Is Me! Shout it out, and send it out into the hedge around and soak in the glory and recognition. This Is Me!


#10292  3.3oz / 100ml Eau du Parfum Spray

#10290  1.8oz / 55ml Eau du Parfum Spray

#10287  1.2oz / 36ml Eau du Parfum Spray

#10283  .33oz / 10ml Eau du Parfum Purse Spray

#10285  1/8oz / 3.75ml Eau du Parfum Mini

#10280  .023oz / .7ml Eau du Parfum 12 Vial Samplers

   Parfum – Empress Collection

#10270  ¼oz / 7.5ml Parfum

#10272  ½oz / 15ml Parfum

#10275  1oz / 30ml Parfum

Magnum Collection

#11002  31oz / 930ml Parfume

Note: See our three vial sampler offer on page 6.

Available EXCLUSIVELY from this website or by dialing 563-964-2692 / 888-964-2692. NOT SOLD IN STORES

“With scent you speak affection louder than with words.”

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