Here is the simple way to reward yourself and satisfy the need for great gifts at the same time.


Lairdor 3 Pack

This is a FIRST from the House of Lairdor. Three securely packaged fragrances assuring SAFE delivery, packaged for easy gift wrapping or simply address the chosen package and send it off to friends or loved ones for a highly prized personal gift. Featuring new and unique packaging.

Package includes one-bottle each of the following three fragrances—

#10292 L’air D’or; #107001 L’air du Fleur and #108001 Carmesi.

One fragrance is for you; the two others are intended as thoughtful personal Gifts for a lady friend and that significant male in your life.

Solve your gift giving needs and order in time for the Holidays.

* Available year round. * Build your own 3 piece assortment(s).

If you wish to create a different three piece assortment, contact us and we will help you!


(Pricing may vary depending upon selection.)

3 Piece Vial Sampler

House of Lairdor Card Lairdor Vial 3 Piece Vial Sampler

UNCERTAIN ABOUT THE SCENT? Try the Lairdor three-piece VIAL SAMPLER PACK. Contains one vial each of L’air D’or, L’air du Fleur, and Carmesi. Experience these scents and place an order for regular sized product within thirty days of the sample purchase date and we will allow a credit of $10 against your invoice.

Let us take the risk of your approval and earn the vial sampler FREE.

#13001 3-vial sampler pack (limit one per customer)
$10.00 (Includes Delivery)

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