The House of Lairdor

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Bernard Peterson, President, & Son Michael Kaye

Parfums Lairdor was founded in 1971 in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The Lairdor scent was created by Leslie Kelenyi. Through a series of events the fragrance became part of The Peterson Group, Inc. in 1989. Since that year calls have come from around the world expressing the joy and reward customers have experienced in touting this rare scent. Now Lairdor announces two new scents. L’air du Fleur for women and Carmesi for men. We bring these designer scents to you with great humility trusting our three years of effort will touch your life in magical ways with rewarded blessing and joy.


These products are intended for your personal benefit and are ideal when acknowledging someone special with an anointed gift.

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Note our exclusive 3-vial sampler pack on page 6.

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