“The Man of Subtle Distinction”

(pronounced “car-ma-sigh”)

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Top Notes: aromatic notes of Lavender and Citrus combined with the sophisticated scents of Bergamot, Lemon Petigrain and Eau de Brouts mingled to create a distinguishable and delicate balance of gentle Sahara wind.

Middle Notes: creates a seductive and salutry combination of Spice, Clove, and Cinnamon while introducing the exotic, sultry nature of Amber and the fresh breeze of Ocean Water.

Base Notes: exotic Musk with deep Sandalwood blends with warm Balsamic Resins to create a new men’s fragrance that is traditional but modern and sophisticated.

Playful and commanding, this fragrance brings out the adventurer and responds with subtle reserve and sophistication that compliments a man’s passion and sensibility. A fragrance that is both bohemian and renaissance while respecting a man’s tailored and modern edge.

#10801  4oz / 118ml  Eau du Toilet Spray   Men

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